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This well priced accommodation can comfortably sleep three people in their own   room. As there are double beds in two of the rooms and two single beds in the

third room, six people is easily possible.

There is the possibility of seven as the lounge has a sleeping couch.(over 5, extra 8€/day person)

Well appointed and facilitated kitchen and equipment.

Washing machine, wood stove, electric kettle, coffee maker, electric cooking

top and extractor, electric stove,refrigerator/freezer.

Bathroom and toilet on first floor. .


 Link to other fishing facilitators. eg. Boat hire and live bait

 (rag worms )

Costs and Seasons


 March- May Sept- Nov  350€/wk           Cleaning         50€

 June- August                   400€/wk          Extra person   8 €/day

 December -February     300€/wk          Shorter stay    by arrangement


 Fishing tackle - as displayed

 Boat/trailer parking  By arrangement


Fishing facilities

Basic cleaning sink and bench under carport Extra freezer.

Limited tackle for sale. Previsit orders accepted.

Near Lohals harbour and boat ramp and slipway. 750 meters

Possible boat and trailer parking on site. For long term, an arranged charge.

Interests and Recreation


Bus stop within meters

Gas stn and supermarket within a km.

Restaurants and and pubs- Lohals. 750m

Nearest ATM Rudkøbing. 1​/2

Beautiful castles, restaurants, beaches.

Interesting museums, flea markets, churches.

All within an hours drive. Fishing off days and family intrigue satisfaction.

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   Søndergade 51,Lohals. 5953 Tranekær. DK


  Telephone: 0045 22155694 (mobile whats app)

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Seasons & Prices

  March-May. Sept-Nov     350 €/wk

  June- August                     400 €/wk

  December- February       300 €/wk

Shorter stays than a week- By arrangement

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