The place to stay if you want; comfortable, practical and affordable accomodation, close to all the facilities you need.

Although focussing on fishermen, all are welcome.

No smoking indoors. No pets please.

As the owner of the property I am the primary figure in the business.

I am a New Zealander. Andreas Ries. As you can tell from my name I have ancestral connections with this part of the world.

I first came here in 2002 and bought the property a short time after. I have worked as an art and technology teacher as well as keeping up my ability in carpentry and a house painter.

Although not an experienced fisherman myself I have met a number of you over

the period when I had the property out for rent through a large company.

Having made a number of lasting contacts with people from all over Europe,a

good friend from the Netherlands suggested that I set up for fishermen now that I have retired. He is the background person who has good knowledge of,and access to reasonably priced tackle.

With my time in Lohals and surrounds I have established good contact with

knowledgeable locals. This is not a luxury establishment, however we offer a down to earth, sincere service at a fair price.

We look forward to meeting serious fishermen, and others, from a variety of backgrounds.





Click on Tackle Enquiries and then fill in the form.

In the message make a clear definition of the types of tackle you are interested in and the ammount required.

Now click on the Tackle Enquiries button again.

We will answer as soon as possible and usually within 24 hrs.

If you have not had a response please contact directly on dennis@stayand fishlangeland.com




Søndergade 51(st), Lohals

5953 Tranekær




     +45 22155694

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   Søndergade 51,Lohals. 5953 Tranekær. DK

   Email: andreas@stayandfishlangeland.com

  Telephone: 0045 22155694 (mobile whats app)

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Seasons & Prices

  March-May. Sept-Nov     350 €/wk

  June- August                     400 €/wk

  December- February       300 €/wk

Shorter stays than a week- By arrangement

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